Case Study: Cartier flagship store



Location: Sydney, Australia

Project Type: Retail carpet design

Product: Custom carpet for Cartier flagship

TSAR Carpets have elevated residential and commercial spaces globally with their holistic compositions for over 35 years. In recent collaboration, TSAR crafted striking custom rugs and carpets to feature in the highly anticipated Cartier flagship store in Sydney.

Case Study:  Cartier flagship store
Case Study:  Cartier flagship store

“Our research has led us to your brand, which seems to correspond to the quality and refinement standards inherent to our creations and to the spirit of the Maison Cartier. We would like you to support us in this beautiful project that is just beginning” said the contact of Agence Moinard Bétaille.

With the intention of putting forth a new standard in experience retail, Cartier’s Sydney store was inspired by the concept of offering a space where guests could both shop and luxuriate in the carefully crafted living spaces and elegantly appointed VIP suites. With this in mind, Cartier had a clear description and drawings of what they wanted to create with our TSAR team, and worked with us to develop the pattern.

It was all about the Cartier DNA, meaningful elements that have been used for years mixed with items that are uniquely Australian, such as the swirling earthy palette used reflecting our raw Australian landscape. The objective was to fuse together matter and volume, which allowed us to add our expertise in carpet materials and manufacturing processes to produce pieces that were of the highest quality.

Cartier are initiating a transition to the CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) approach; an approach that is fully in line with a desire to rethink their new boutiques, through commitment to reducing their ecological footprint as well as having a strong local anchoring to tell a unique story in each boutique.

Each new boutique is designed to showcase as a precious jewellery box, whose identity is cultivated through a unique décor where stylization of the details of the product creations and local inspirations lead to singular and refined architectural details.

Case Study:  Cartier flagship store
Case Study:  Cartier flagship store

With its naturalistic pattern and layered texture the carpet produced was a striking statement in the innovatively and locally designed Cartier retail experience, embodying the essence of our TSAR Carpet’s technical expertise and Cartier’s new “think Global, act local” mantra for the aesthetic of their international boutiques.

Case Study:  Cartier flagship store

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