Circ Collection

A modern take on Art Deco design, the Circ collection is a playful exploration of fine lines, curves and layers.

Employing soft features, rounded terminations and mono-materials, the range elicits positive emotional responses, bringing a sense of ease and comfort to any space.

Tranquil pale shades, naturally occurring greys and deep earthy tones work together thoughtfully to add serenity to interiors.

Fresh and dynamic, the Circ collection alleviates and uplifts our experience of space.

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The Circ collection distills Art Deco features to create a new collection of smooth, simple, streamlined designs. The concept was to create a tranquil, welcoming space, brought to life through our collaboration with 3D animator Joe Mortell, featuring Huggy chair by Sarah Ellison and table lamp by Jumbo. All designs are fully customisable.

“Our built environment has a profound impact on our state of mind and wellbeing, now more than ever… Circ is an artistic expression with human experience at the centre of the design process. What features are visually comforting and elevates a space? Using design to improve our emotional connection with space….”

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