Forma Collection

Introducing Forma, an expansive series of high-concept floor coverings that set a new high-watermark in rug design and manufacturing techniques.

Featuring original, never-before-seen textures, dazzling colour combinations and inspired patterns, the collection of 25 designs explores the themes of energy and optimism – blurring the lines of applied design and fine art.

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Forma is a new beginning.
The focus on water, and the hum of energy it creates, draws together organic shapes, soft gradients, and textured lines. Here, fluid curves push and pull. Light and undulating patterns work together to evoke the soft air at dawn.

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Forma reimagines.
The collection draws from ancient textures and traditional patterns to reinterpret with a contemporary sensibility. Refined rug construction and woven textures take centre stage in this collection. Structured and soft lines offset punchy, bold appearances of colour, as direct as midday light.

“The team experimented with new construction and fade techniques to produce never before seen textures, patterns and fibre combinations that push the limits of virtuosic hand-tufted rug manufacturing,” says Teresa Ceberek, TSAR Carpets Design Manager.

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Forma is not afraid to be daring. The play between organic shapes and never-before-seen textures set this collection apart. Strong, unexpected colours mirror the reverie of nature when its beauty catches you off-guard. Superb graphics and colour vibrancy play off the other, and showcase intricate weave techniques.

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Forma is an exploration in discovery. A dedicated focus on organic textures and the natural world inspire Forma’s lighthearted expression of pattern, colour, and fabrication. The strong, deep use of colour and sunset lighting brings warmth and ease to the collection. The physical layering in the designs creates an invigorating relationship between tactile depth and aesthetic pleasure.

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The eros of optimism undergirds the Forma collection. The striking, surreal compositions are playful without apology. Dynamic shapes and colours shift and change with an assertive naturalness. Uninhibited colour-pallets and experimental patterns flirt with dynamic, applied design.

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Forma is a dream-like universe. Energised lines and surprising textures animate the collection. Mutable shapes and vivid light create a surreal landscape to enter. Meticulous material combinations and strong colours craft a multidimensional relationship between artistry and weave details. Forma investigates the desire to nurture an in-tune awareness with the natural world.

Each incredibly durable rug found in the Forma Collection is hand-tufted from the finest grade of 100% New Zealand wool, undyed wool, Tencel, ribbon yarn and Lurex. Specification, colours and design scale can be altered to suit any project.

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Art Direction / Styling by Nat Turnbull
Photography by Lillie Thompson

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