Retreat Collection

Using nature as an inspiration and art as the means, the collections transcends two dimensional surfaces into a modern architectural compliment.

Each design has been painted using free-flowing liquid inks, giving the collection a beautiful, unstructured quality.

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“The word ‘retreat’ connotes withdrawal and seclusion from it all, I found my retreat in the countryside with my family to be quite the opposite. The river next to our house was the source of my renewed artistic vigor despite everything that’s going on in the world—and challenged me to try out new colors, patterns, and techniques. The end results are carpet designs flowing with positive, wholesome energy” Ross Cleland, Head Designer.



The Retreat collection brings nature motifs and soothing colour palettes to interior floor covering designs, applicable to individual room placements or as a continuous patterned carpet.

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The Retreat collection offers three proprietary techniques that allows for true textured feel and semblance when producing custom, large-scale Axminster carpet and rug designs.

1. Carving – This is a process of hand-shearing areas of the carpet’s pile in order to create textures around design elements. This particular technique highlights and enhances areas of designs in Axminster – transforming one-dimensional perspectives to patterns that draws the eye across the carpet with ridges and valleys.

2. Raised Kristal Pile – Available as limited quantities, this technique brings lustre to the carpet, which is otherwise not possible in Axminster production. Again adding depth and dimension, but also elevating the product for a higher-end outcome.

3. Loop Pile – Using small quantities of loop pile in TSAR’s Axminster designs means that the visual can be broken up, and stop the eye from just casually moving through the space with no pause point.

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