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In response to the profound effects of the built environment on our well-being, Design Unwind is a pop-up installation space, dedicated to offering people a peaceful reprieve from modern life. The capsule hand-tufted rug collection consists of four designs that use interesting combinations of NZ wool, undyed natural wool, soft Tencel, felted wool, shag piles in various pile heights and weights to create new visual and tactile textures. This is coupled with complex carving and beveling techniques adding dips and curves to translate original inspirations. A wide range of textures, layers and calming jade tones are used to tell a calming and restorative story.

Design Unwind was launched during Melbourne Design Week 2020 with Byzantine Design and Arthur G with exclusive textiles from Designs Of The Time. The collaborative space utilises design principles and manufacturing expertise, to create an immersive installation intended to positively enhance our mood and ultimately improve life.

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