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From corridors that see suitcase wheels, heels, and cleaning trolleys, to carpets in commercial properties, wall-to-wall carpets provide a soft and plush flooring finish that transforms the mundane into modern with patterns and colors. When exploring options for wall-to-wall carpets, all products, weights, density, and designs selected must align with the finished product of a beautiful, long-lasting, and durable flooring solution. TSAR Carpet will never jeopardise a client’s concept or space, and our design team will highlight when it’s inappropriate to use an unbound or raw edge flooring concept. From the TSAR directive, we will not encourage designs that are not practical or could warrant legal backlash due to creating tripping hazards.

Our design team eagerly provides guidelines and suggestions for elevated flooring solutions, and the TSAR award-winning collections pull from artisanal artisans that utilize techniques, patterns, and sustainability. At the start of every project, TSAR examines the flooring landscape, evaluating conditions, surrounding finishes, and especially estimated foot traffic. We also examine door swing allowance, future edge treatments, existing furniture, and electrical outlet placement.

When it is time to install, leave your worries at the door. TSAR provides seaming diagrams to aid installers in pattern matching and focusing on leading with sustainable measures to protect the environment. We are happy to offer assistance at any point and offer installation which includes padding and underlayment recommendations.



  • 100% New Zealand wool dyed or undyed as seen in our exclusive Cleo rugs.
  • Tencel: is a form of rayon that promotes durability and thick texture. It consists of cellulose fibres made from dissolving pulp and then reconstituting it by dry jet-wet spinning. You can view Tencel in our Geometric Porcelain and Saral Midnight carpet designs.
  • Ribbon Yarn: is available in our Arlo Collection.
  • Lurex: is a form of shiny, light-reflecting yarn, that when used correctly, can illustrate metallic properties, reflected in our Forma Collection.
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Carpet Techniques

TSAR Carpets uses various artisanal manufacturing techniques to produce high-quality craftsmanship. Our design collection features high-quality handcrafted Axminster, hand-tufted loop pile, raised rile, carving, and rug edging.

We are an internationally recognized collection of hand-tufting techniques that produce spectacular flooring solutions, each bringing character and movement into spaces. The hand-tufting process involves materials inserted into a canvas backed by a handheld tufting gun. The TSAR in-house team are highly skilled and trained artisans who have perfected the craftsmanship of this machinery. A bespoke hand-tufted carpet or rug showcases the precise and defined lines and inserts a finished color-wheel depth that is breathtaking.

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1. Concept & Brief

We invite you to deep dive into a design discussion with our in-house team. Through an exploration of moodboards, sketches, schematics and design development, we’ll help unpack your design vision. We can also draw upon our existing design library to generate inspiration for your project. The consultation is a time for fluid conversation, and the first stage of bringing the aesthetics of the design to life.

2. Design

Our revered experts will guide you along the design journey and assist with colour palette and fibre selection, recommending appropriate manufacturing techniques based on intended performance/changes per space. Working within the bounds of all allocated design constraints and performance requirements, we function as your in-house design team. We deploy threadsheets, poms, renders and floorplan droppings as development tools, ensuring each TSAR area rug design is a flooring solution true to the original client vision. As designers, we strive to marry your genesis vision and the final physical outcome, taking into account pile heights and environmental concerns. Finally, we will present you with a mock-up and sampling prior to final order.

3. Production

Your design is manifested with precision and meticulous care by one of our highly-skilled artisans. Our TSAR manufacturing team in Portugal oversees the production process from inception to completion. They ensure that each piece is manufactured to the most premium standards, reflecting the individual client needs of each custom project. Lead time is dependent on size, complexity and delivery requirements. Our team will communicate in real-time throughout the duration of the production.

4. Completion

When the custom carpet is complete, we facilitate the true end-to-end experience with our white glove installation service. Your dream bespoke creation can be integrated into your interior space, proudly displayed as elevated floor art. Our service goes beyond the final installation, with maintenance and care support given throughout the longevity of your design piece.


Each TSAR luxury carpet is a merger of luxurious design and durability. We recommend following our care and maintenance manual to keep your carpet investment in the best condition possible.
Our design team is available for consultation and can make any design come alive. Bring as many inspirations as possible to your consultation session for optimised results.
We make each TSAR carpeting intending to last a lifetime. With regular maintenance, your final unique design and personalised creation will live vibrantly in your home or office space. The recommended life is under ten years for other styles of carpet or if your home has pre-existing carpets.
The flooring under the carpet is a sheet of foam, rubber, or felt padding. It is called an “underlay.” Buying a TSAR Carpet will also guarantee an installation with a correct underlay that will act as a buffer and additional cushion.
Research shows that carpets with patterns made from wool, polypropylene, nylon, and polyester are more durable and last longer. These materials have denser fibres and are also primarily water-resistant, making them stronger against daily wear and walking.
The real question is can a new carpet be installed on the old underlay? The only exception, in our opinion, is if the underlay is less than twelve months old, but each TSAR carpet is installed with a fresh underlay to maintain our standards.
The six most well-known types of carpet are textured, plush, frieze, cable, Berber, and cut-and-loop. With our different techniques and artistry, the TSAR Carpet team can create any texture you desire.

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