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A bespoke TSAR rug will elevate the interior design of your space. Discover the richness and diversity of our rugs and browse our design collections online or at one of our showrooms.

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A custom rug can have the ability to transform and breathe new life into any space. With the TSAR creative expertise assisting you, your flooring vision can be easily turned into  a reality. Your final custom rug will be 100% unique and made-to-measure to your requirements. Add a piece of luxury to your space and invest in a TSAR custom rug creation today. 


LUXURY Materials

The TSAR team is devoted to creating timeless pieces of art in your home by using materials that are durable and proven to stand against daily wear and walking. A custom rug is an extension of your personality and will be a vibrant addition to any floor.

Learn about our vegan plant-based rug materials, and discover their unique properties that blend perfectly into any space. Please speak to our consulting team today and address any concerns over allergies or specific fabrics and fibres you seek. 

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our Techniques

TSAR Carpets and custom rug solutions prefer the hand-tufted technique when creating artisan flooring. Our team is constantly evolving to develop new collections with deeper and more extensive techniques with innovation and style. Explore our organic motifs, exquisite textures, and fibre combinations with modern layering techniques and seamless gradient transitions. Our collections also showcase fading techniques, with results that are rich in fibre combinations and luscious patterns. The hand tufting technique involves materials inserted into a canvas through a hand-held ‘tufting gun’. We employ highly trained artists that use their skills to draw the design for viewing. Through this process, we have found the designs and completed custom creations are more precise and hold strongly defined lines. This technique adds depth in our designs and allows us to meet all orders promptly. 



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1. Concept & Brief

We invite you to deep dive into a design discussion with our in-house team. Through an exploration of moodboards, sketches, schematics and design development, we’ll help unpack your design vision. We can also draw upon our existing design library to generate inspiration for your project. The consultation is a time for fluid conversation and the first stage of bringing the aesthetics of the design to life.

2. Design

Our revered experts will guide you along the design journey and assist with colour palette and fibre selection, recommending appropriate manufacturing techniques based on intended performance/changes per space. Working within the bounds of all allocated design constraints and performance requirements, we function as your in-house design team. We deploy threadsheets, poms, renders and floorplan droppings as development tools, ensuring each TSAR area rug design is a flooring solution true to the original client vision. As designers, we strive to marry your genesis vision and the final physical outcome, taking into account pile heights and environmental concerns. Finally, we will present you with a mock-up and sampling prior to the final order.

3. Production

Your design is manifested with precision and meticulous care by one of our highly-skilled artisans. Our TSAR manufacturing team in Portugal oversees the production process from inception to completion. They ensure that each piece is manufactured to the most premium standards, reflecting the individual client needs of each custom project. Lead time is dependent on size, complexity and delivery requirements. Our team will communicate in real-time throughout the duration of the production.



When the custom carpet is complete, we facilitate the true end-to-end experience with our white glove installation service. Your dream bespoke creation can be integrated into your interior space, proudly displayed as elevated floor art. Our service goes beyond the final installation, with care and maintenance support given throughout the longevity of your design piece.

FREQUENTLY asked questions

The difference between custom and bespoke is the client. A custom rug comes from your imagination and inspiration, while a bespoke rug uses a TSAR design that you add different colours or fabrics.


As you will see by browsing, many of our rugs by design have dimensions. Clients can design a custom size rug, which we can cut and fit into any area you desire without losing the essence or beauty of the original design.


TSAR custom rugs are made in our Portugal factory with our production team carefully overseeing every step. Depending on size and complexity, each one takes between 12-16 weeks.


For custom rugs, the quality depends on the line count or the number of knots or stitches per square inch. As the number goes up, so does the quality. The highest quality rugs begin at 200 to 400 knots per square inch and can reach upwards of 6,000.


We recommend custom rugs ranging between ⅜ and ½ inches. Thinner rugs become a tripping hazard.


Colour is a personal preference. When you begin your consultation process, please bring pictures of the space and anything you derive inspiration from.


Depending on which materials bring your custom rug to life, it will last 5-10 years. Rugs can last longer with proper maintenance.


Depending on the space and natural sunlight will dictate if your custom rug should be light or dark. We encourage you to bring images of the rug’s final destination to your consultation for our designer’s best insight.


With proper maintenance, a custom rug does not need to be changed or replaced for 5-10 years.


The general rule of thumb is a square rug going under a couch should be at least 6- 8″ wider than your couch on both sides. Our design team recommends 30″ to 36″ of a walkway between large furniture pieces, if the space allows, or we can create a unique and custom design.


We recommend complementary colours or patterns that accent your furniture but are not identical.


The TSAR design team will review the schematics of your personalised rug and the desired final placement. A rug that is too big may be overpowering, while a rug that is too small will not have the desired design impact.


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