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35 years ago, the TSAR team was born from creativity, passion, and integrity. Today our reputation across global markets highlights our attention to detail, sophisticated material selection, and technical expertise. Transparency with our clients is critical as we examine every material and the technical application distributed by TSAR.

Hand - made

TSAR carpets are internationally recognized for their artisanal approach to creating lustrous custom carpets. The hand-tufting method combines the art of weaving with modern technology. With a canvas base and a hand-drawn design, the weaver uses a hand-tufting gun to pull the wool or yarn fibres through the design. The customization possibilities are endless.
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Truly one of our most traditional approaches to a TSAR carpet or rug creation is the handloom method. A handloom requires no electricity, and the artisanal carpet creator will spin the yarn to the small bobbins or “prins” placed inside the wooden instrument called a “shuttle.” The loom operates by foot pedals and requires synchronicity and clarity of mind and body.
Reaching back to ancient traditions, hand-knotting focuses on a 2,000-year-old craft and skill of weaving. A hand-knotted TSAR carpet or rug takes a lot of time to produce. The weaver responsible for production inserts knots into the rug and ties each one tightly by hand around the warp and weft of the rug. The result is a stunning masterpiece of hundreds or thousands of individual knots.

Machine - Made

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Easily defined as passing threads through the base layer and foundation of your custom carpet or rug creation and finishing by securing the thread ends with a knot or button. TSAR carpets used this approach to create a solid and unified finish of one specific colour, adding a velvet-like appearance to the finished product.
TSARCarpets Axminster Parco lores

The Axminster machine-made process is perfect for carpets or rugs in high-traffic environments. The process works best with an 80% wool and 20% nylon blend of yarn. It was first used in the 1950s and is a system of tufts of yarn woven and locked into place by shots of backing yarn. The result is a strong, three-dimensional, and durable carpet. We can also offer axminster carpet tiles if required.

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The machine-knitted TSAR custom carpet or rug is a lower-budget wall-to-wall carpet option for a high-traffic lobby area. If it is the customers’ preference, it can be used in residential environments but will minimise the selection of colours.
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The methodology of Wilton is specified for wool carpets and produced by continuous threads raised above the surface of the backing by hooks. Wilton is not a method we use frequently but has many similarities to the machine-knitted technology and outcome.
Printed carpet detail3

Printed carpet is a method that is very niche and not recommended for long-term carpets or rugs. Printed carpets are ideal for low traffic or weekend trade shows and made from a dye sublimation printer, guaranteeing vivid colours and a photogenic finish.

carpet tiles terra
Carpet Tiles

Carpet tiles are an excellent option for creative flooring in high-traffic areas. Carpet tiles can be used as an alternative solution instead of wall-to-wall carpet and offer easy maintenance and durability. Another bonus of tiles is the ease of replacement due to damage or spills.

Construction Techniques

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A carving tool adds depth and texture to create depth and draws the eye to precise details in your custom carpet or rug. The artisanal creative carver will shear areas of the designated custom carpet or area rug to create luminous valleys and soft, deep textures. We invite you to look at our Barnacle or Network designs for finished examples.
The beveler tool is similar to the carving technique as they remove parts of the carpet to highlight other design aspects. While carving provides depth, beveling tapers edges and is a finishing tool that assists with a smooth transition of fibres. Our thicker carpets will always require beveling, and we invite you to look at our Liquid carpet for a finished product example.

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