Sedimentary layers, crystalized formations and meandering tones are brought together in our timeless Mineral Collection. Using patinas formed over millions of years, the collection celebrates the beauty of natural creation. Once hard rock surfaces have been transformed into exquisitely modern soft flooring options.
Designed with the intention to be custom coloured, each design takes on new meaning with each new colourway, to suit a myriad of interiors.

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  • GraniteLounge 1630x860
  • Volakas SlateInsitu Cmyk 1630x860
  • SandstoneInsitu1 1630x860
  • Malachite1Insitu 1630x860
  • GraniteInsitubedroom 1630x860
  • OmbreInsituPink 1630x860
  • Insitu Stratum 2 1630x860
  • Insitu Fluorite 2 1630x860