Celebrating the joy of seasons and the passing of time

The Passage Collection is in collaboration with architect and interior designer Brooke Aitken, founder of the eponymous female-owned and operated architecture and interior design practice,Brooke Aitken Design,

Brooke Aitken often references various principles of Japanese design and contemporary aesthetics in her projects, which primarily consists of mid-to-high end residential architecture and interior design.

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"I wanted to create a carpet collection that reflects human’s inherent desire to mark time,” says Brooke Aitken. “Each season and each part of the day offers everyone a special time instance of consideration, and each rug in the Passage Collection embodies a mood related to these distinct moments in time.”

The ebb and flow of time and the continual changing and passing of the seasons is reflected in the collections’ patterns and graphic lines, which inform a sense of movement and placemaking.



The Passage Collection was inspired by a vivid dream Aitken had regarding the passage of time. In the morning following, she sketched a series of ephemeral graphic patterns evocative of her vision, which lived on her drawing board for years to come until she was presented with the opportunity to partner with TSAR Carpets to quite literally bring her dream to life.


Brooke presented her vision to the TSAR Carpets team, who worked in close collaboration with Aitken to ensure each rug is built to stand the test of time.

“TSAR Carpets possesses the confidence and experience to deliver the highest quality carpets on the market,” says Aitken. “Once I understood the parameters of TSAR’s expert technical, manufacturing capabilities and inspired use of materiality, my initial design concepts changed to accommodate what was achievable. The highlight was seeing the collection’s final samples, which were far better than I had imagined on paper.”


“The collaboration came about quite organically. Brooke had a very strong concept and story that we connected with immediately,” says Teresa Cerebek, TSAR Carpets Design Manager. “We were drawn to Brooke’s impactful design aesthetic and her consideration and investigation into the use of colour, and we are beyond proud of the final collection.”


Each luxurious rug found in the Passage Collection is hand-tufted from the finest grade of New Zealand wool, undyed wool and Tencel, which offers incredible durability and softness underfoot. The collection is available in six patterns. Each pattern is available in two colourways. Specification, colours and design scale can also be altered to suit any project.

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