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TSAR Carpets creates luxury rugs and designer carpets for Australian and international clients. For the past 35 years we have prioritised refined craftsmanship and artistry at every step of the design process. Our design-driven, custom-made rugs and carpets balance visual aesthetic, unparalleled craftsmanship, top-tier materials and enduring day-to-day use.



Start living between imagination and manifestation. Take the first step of your dreams on a TSAR Carpets custom creation. TSAR Carpets Sydney is the premier luxury carpet your floors have been waiting for. Our team of designers are proud to showcase their award-winning collections and exclusive aesthetics.

Choosing the perfect luxury carpet for your Sydney home or office doesn’t have to be a challenge. Be prepared to be amazed and float on the carpets of your dreams. Our TSAR Luxury Carpet Sydney showroom contains unparalleled craftsmanship and top-tier materials that will endure and persist daily.

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Finding the perfect luxury carpet in Sydney is not a process we take lightly, and inspiration exists around every corner. The TSAR Carpet team awaits to bring your imagination to life using a variety of natural and synthetic fibres. Each thread is chosen for long-lasting sheen, year-round comfort, and premium quality.

Each of our designs is a manifestation of art, luxury, and comfort. Our previous works include natural New Zealand wool or Tencel as a silk alternative. At TSAR Carpets, we accomplish reimagining wool carpet potential.

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The culmination of over 35 years of design awaits in our Sydney carpet showroom. With offices in Sydney, New York, and London and our flagship store in Melbourne, TSAR Carpets is the premier location locally and internationally for carpet suppliers in Sydney.

Our Sydney showroom will amplify our standards as you begin your journey and get introduced to our exclusive products and latest collections. We are the premier luxury rugs Sydney experience with award-winning collaborations and designs.




Our clients find the guidance and wisdom they seek with our designer rugs Sydney showroom. Each team member is passionate and educated in helping to achieve your dream carpet solution. With integrity and unrivalled craftsmanship, you will be exposed to a contemporary curation of the most lavish and dynamic rugs in Sydney.

The TSAR Carpets design team delves into the synergy between time and colour, pulling from decades of unique, bespoke projects, shown recently on exhibition at the No Vacancy Hospitality Design Fair in Sydney. We unearthed a treasure trove of timeless and avant-garde fabric works. Will your home be the next to be adorned with the kinetic designs of TSAR?

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Entering the Sydney TSAR Carpets showroom puts you face-to-face with our customised commercial and residential carpets. Our designer luxury rugs transcend expectations and offer utility beyond just aesthetically pleasing design and functionality.

The TSAR Carpets team understands the laborious search for that unique, luxury, and durable addition to your home or office. Whether you want to deepen the aesthetics with an area rug or begin a consultation for an elevated wall-to-wall design - our designer custom carpets in Sydney illuminates inspiration and ingenuity.

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