Our team has over 35 years of experience designing and producing high-quality, custom-made carpets and rugs for residential, commercial and hospitality projects worldwide. A family-owned business founded by David and Kerrie Sharpley, born from a passion for textiles and enchanted by the hand-tufted technique, it is now a global company recognised for its award winning designs and collections.

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TSAR products are designed by our in house designers and manufactured by our highly skilled artisans in our owned and operated factory in Portugal
Our versatile product range is designed to suit all spaces and our focus on high quality, durable products ensures long lasting appearance for years to come. 
At TSAR, we don’t compromise on quality or materials. Our skilled team will draw upon the best TSAR-approved fabrics to ensure your piece is meticulously designed to the highest calibre. 




Dive deep into a design dialogue with our in-house experts in London. Through exploring mood boards, sketches, schematics, and design development, we'll help articulate your luxury carpet design aspirations. We also leverage our extensive design library to spark ideas for your project. This consultation serves as a platform for dynamic exchange and marks the initial phase of actualizing the design's aesthetics.



Our esteemed experts will navigate you through the design process, aiding in the selection of colour palettes and fibres, while recommending the most suitable manufacturing techniques for the desired performance and space adaptation. Operating within all specified design parameters and performance expectations, we act as your dedicated design team. We employ thread sheets, poms, renders, and floorplan droppings as pivotal development tools, ensuring every TSAR area rug design faithfully reflects the client's initial vision. Our goal is to seamlessly align your foundational vision with the tangible outcome, considering aspects like pile heights and environmental sustainability. We conclude this phase by presenting you with a detailed mock-up and sample before finalizing the order.



Crafted with meticulous precision by our skilled artisans, your design comes to life in our UK-based workshops. TSAR's production team meticulously oversees each step, guaranteeing craftsmanship that meets the highest standards of quality and bespoke personalisation.



Upon completion of your high-end carpet, we facilitate a comprehensive end-to-end service with our exclusive white glove installation offering. Your custom creation is seamlessly integrated into your interior, showcased as an elevated piece of floor art. Our commitment extends beyond installation, encompassing ongoing maintenance and care to ensure the longevity of your unique design.




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