Case Study: TSAR Carpets Makes NeoCon 2021 Debut in Partnership With HBF, Chicago, USA

IMG 9161 scaled 2


IMG 9161 scaled 1
Mai in the HBF Showroom - Tea Living Room
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Mai Detail in the HBF Showroom

Location: Chicago, Illinois, USA
Project Type: Design Fair
Spaces: Nine various vignettes
Product: Forma
Completion: October 2021

TSAR Carpets presented its recently launched Forma Collection, an expansive series of high-concept, hand-tufted floor coverings, alongside HBF’s compelling vision for a new workplace design language.

A global industry leader in luxury custom-made carpets and custom length rugs, Melbourne-based TSAR Carpets partnered with contract furniture expert HBF on its NeoCon showroom installation. From October 4-6, 2021 TSAR Carpets joined the HBF AT 40 showcase as part of HBF’s New Hospitality for Work concept that presented a pioneering vision that addresses today’s fluid workplaces.

IMG 9106 scaled 1
Rock Opal in the HBF Showroom - Main Avenue

In honor of HBF’s desire to foster connectivity and serendipitous encounters via new workplace typologies, HBF invited TSAR Carpets to collaborate on the installation to present seven select designs from its recently launched Forma Collection, an expansive series of 25 different high-concept, hand-tufted floor coverings that push the boundaries of rug design. Featuring original, never-before-seen textures, dazzling color combinations, and inspired patterns, the expansive collection explores the themes of energy and optimism – blurring the lines of applied design and fine art.

In addition to being the largest TSAR Carpets collection to date, Forma also represents the first time the company has employed refined fading techniques to achieve new gradients, as well as the first time TSAR has utilised ribbon yarn as a material to create sculptural rug dimensions that provide tactile depth and visual pleasure.

IMG 9130 lores
Muse in the HBF Showroom - Touchdown Lounge
IMG 9002 lores
Paradiso in the HBF Showroom - Scandinese Coworking Space
IMG 9004 scaled 1

Grounding the showroom’s experiential vignettes composed of HBF’s innovative, hospitality-inspired furniture solutions, each rug helped bring to life the installation’s spirited “secret garden” concept — an immersive and experiential sequence of nine vignettes, with every turn revealing a unique workplace scenario that provides different opportunities to delight and surprise visitors.

At TSAR Carpets we take pride in our passion for unique textiles and technical expertise,” says David Sharpley, Co-Founder of TSAR Carpets.

We value the opportunity to present our flooring solutions that push the limits of virtuosic hand-tufted rug manufacturing and textiles in conjunction with HBF’s visionary designs. HBF shares our appreciation for inventive textiles, textures and colours, and we are pleased our diverse Forma range helped underpin HBF’s emphasis on aesthetic versatility.

IMG 0137 2 scaled 1
Dynasty in the HBF Showroom - Hotel Lobby: The Plaza
IMG 8887 scaled 1
Origin in the HBF Showroom
IMG 0149 lores

TSAR Carpet’s unparalleled ability to produce high-quality, contract-grade flooring designs teeming with colorful and vibrant material expression showcases our commitment to human-centric designs that keep emotion and connection at the forefront of what we do. We could not ask for a better partner to help bring our vision to life,” says Adrian Parra, HBF’s new Creative Director.

The installation featured the following eight patterns and colourways:

IMG 0139 2 lores
Lucy in the HBF Showroom - The Study

Contact us for more info about the Forma Collection and our custom capabilities today.

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