A summer sunset—its tender, passing beauty—is a particular kind of comfort. Its ephemeral nature makes its occurrence all the more meaningful. That fleeting state of calm is captured and reflected in Paradiso. The complex gradient of soft, candy hues is further elevated with a plush high pile that is beveled and rounded to enhance feelings of comfort.

What do we have here?
Hand-tufted, 80oz
Fibre: NZ Wool
Pile Height: 9mm, Cut Pile
Colour: Sorbet
Size: Customisable

Collaboratively with you, we create pieces that suit for purpose; not just one that fits. By balancing aesthetics, budget and performance, all designs can be adapted for large hospitality, commercial and small residential projects in below construction techniques: AXMINSTER – WOVEN +TREEKOKARTINA
Delivery worldwide, and beyond


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