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Does TSAR offer assistance to those who are unsure about design or colour?

TSAR offers a fully tailored design service to ensure custom rugs and carpets are suited to each client’s needs. From selection of house designs, colours and construction, to advice on placement and configuration and further on, creating artwork options that are easy to interpret and choose from, all TSAR consultants are qualified designers experienced in assisting clients from vision to creation.

What does the TSAR design service cost?

The design service is part of the TSAR experience. A design deposit is required before artwork can be produced however this cost is then deducted from the final price of the order.

Does TSAR provide a house visit service?

TSAR consultants are available to visit homes or commercial locations to give site specific design advice provided a design deposit has been paid and the location is within the metro area of a TSAR showroom. Decisions to visit locations outside the metro areas will be assessed case by case.

Does TSAR offer custom service to states/countries outside the showroom areas?

TSAR offers the same personalised and expert service all over the world. All the TSAR House Designs and colours can be viewed on this website. Simply contact TSAR head office either by phone: +61 3 9525 0488 or by email: to discuss your needs and begin the TSAR custom experience.

Does TSAR deliver?

TSAR can arrange delivery of rugs and carpets to any location worldwide.

Does TSAR install wall-to-wall carpet?

TSAR can offer a professional installation service  in selected cities including underlay, or forward you to TSAR approved installers.

What should be considered when choosing a rug or carpet?

Will this be statement piece or will it quietly compliment the space?

The mood you want to set in the space e.g. “warm and peaceful, a place to relax”; “classic and sophisticated”; “bright, fun, and entertaining”.

The furniture, accessories, decoration and colour palette in the space and how the rug will be used to tie the theme together.

Factors such as children, pets and traffic will impact on the decision of construction and the maintenance and care the product will need e.g. loop pile and silk are not ideal for a cat wanting to sharpen its claws; high traffic areas can benefit from a lower and denser pile height and the use of semi-worsted wool.

Selection of designs that reflect personal aesthetic – the best interiors are those that resonate personality. A TSAR rug will last for decades so the design must be one that speaks to the soul.

How is colour selected?

Colour, when used cleverly will draw the eye around the room and will create a sense of movement and interest while maintaining harmony and communicating the style and personality of the owner space. Any design from the TSAR house collection can be changed to fit an individual colour palette and we’re always on hand to offer guidance in the selection of the perfect palette for each individual space and aesthetic. Even if the colours are not intended to match exactly they must complement their surrounds so as not create a discordant clash. Is the aim to have a mostly neutral palette with highlights of key colours or is there more of a solid “colour-blocked” or patterned feel?

Is it possible to match specific colours from a piece of furniture or décor?

Beyond our extensive range of house colours, we also have access to an even greater collection of custom colours that can be individually mixed to achieve the perfect tone to match your interiors.

Can TSAR replicate other rugs or images of other designs?

TSAR is a design-led business that prides itself on integrity, forward thinking and originality. TSAR is committed to creating custom rugs and carpets that communicate each client’s individual personality and vision for their space. Under intellectual property law it is illegal to copy another designer’s work, for this reason only designs that are original and exclusive to TSAR are put into production.

How is a rug measured for a space?

The ability to custom order a TSAR rug means the size and shape can fit its intended space exactly. When sizing a rug first consider the effect it will give. A rug placed under furniture in a large open space serves to create an “island” effect or a room within a room, framing the space, and grounding the furniture. Aesthetically it is best to have the rug ending 1/3 or 2/3 behind the front edge of the furniture. Where space is limited the rug can be centred within the furniture as a feature. This creates a more casual aesthetic. If the rug is to be placed under a dining table it is recommended that it sits at least 60cm from the edge of the table to account for pulling out chairs. The best way to measure the size needed is to see it. Using newspaper or masking tape is a good trick to mark out the area.


What is hand tufting?

Hand tufting is the method TSAR uses to construct rugs and carpets. Hand tufted rugs and carpets are known for their richness and depth of colour and a greater design flexibility compared with hand knotting or weaving. The yarns are inserted into a canvas backing by way of a hand held ‘tufting gun’ that is operated by a skilled artisan who effectively draws the design with this gun. Compared with the grid structure of a hand knotted rug a hand tufted design can be much more precise and has a sharper and smoother line . Hand tufting is also a quicker method for construction allowing Tsar to deliver custom rugs in a more timely fashion.


How are TSAR rugs bound and finished?

Once the rug has been tufted onto the primary backing a secondary natural latex backing is added and the primary backing is then used to hem and finish the rug.


Do TSAR rugs need Rug grip?

Due to the latex backing Tsar rugs are already non-slip, they will not require any extra underlay such as Rug Grip if placed on a hard surface.


Can a rug be placed on carpet?

A product such as Rug Grip is always recommended for use under a rug if it is to be placed over carpet to prevent movement and bunching.


How are TSAR hand-finished wall-to-wall carpet made?

TSAR wall-to-wall is constructed by combining hand-tufting and pass-tufting. Pass-tufting is a more mechanised version of hand tufting, which uses a machine that has many more needles than the singular hand-tufting gun. The machine is fairly narrow so can be used for any size carpet. It is not necessarily limited to a single width as with a broadloom.


Where are TSAR rugs and carpets made?

TSAR rugs and carpets are constructed our workshops in Southern China, where the method tufting used by TSAR was invented and perfected. Over many years TSAR has developed a relationship with the workshop aritsans that is based on excellent communication and skill sharing as opposed to simply buying power. Each TSAR rug and carpet is made to exact specifications developed within this partnership. This ensures that TSAR standards of aesthetics and performance are met worldwide, from design to construction.

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