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Originating in Australia, TSAR Carpets is excited to invite residents to experience our international standard of excellence. The TSAR design methodology is unlike any other, from customisable stand-alone rugs to wall-to-wall luxury carpets.
For 35 years, TSAR has been designing carpets and rugs with movement and key design factors relating to the wonders of nature. Within each comprehensive floor solution, TSAR has developed unparalleled and unique solutions for commercial, residential, and hospitality spaces across Australia. With a flair and focus dedicated to visual storytelling, TSAR brings refined craftsmanship and artistry into each design space and flooring solution.

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TSAR sees more than a piece of fabric or a loop of yarn. Behind each loop is a statement delivered with flawless technical precision. Each unique and artisanal carpet embraces the buyers’ identity and vision. London homes and businesses can prepare to welcome a tactile experience and engage the five senses within the TSAR artisanal curation.

Browse our design library or work with our creative department and craft an individual DNA print of imagination at our luxury carpet London studio. TSAR believe the design medium has untapped potential and has undiscovered new frontiers on the horizon. Bring your project vision to life without sacrificing technical performance, and enter the realm of intricate and immaculate design.


After thirty-five years of experience, TSAR continues to receive international recognition for designer floor accessories and aesthetics. We eagerly welcome London residents to browse the natural and high-quality selection of our new luxury carpet London studio.

TSAR is a design-centered luxurious carpet brand creating luxury carpets from pure New Zealand wool. Our intricate hand-tufting process ensures accuracy and a finished product fit for royalty. Each spool and loop is individually dyed before being spun and hand-tufted. Experience what luxury carpet in your London home or project feels like today.

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Leaders in rug and carpet curation, the TSAR team is excited to share their passion and experience in the London market. TSAR began 35 years ago and are available worldwide. Internationally recognized for their sophistication and experience, invest and find the perfect carpet or London designer rug for your home or business location.This luxury carpet London studio represents the TSAR values as a family-owned business. David and Kerrie Sharpley describe hand-tufting as “painting with fibers” and embrace each opportunity to dedicate their time to each new project.


Get ready to experience the ascent of luxury carpets in our London studio. Each custom carpet is a ripple of passion for textiles and enchantment. Each loop and individual dye pattern bring artistry and creativity to life.

With a premium hand-tufted process, TSAR creates custom commercial rugs and carpets across London. A finalist in the 2022 SBID International Design Awards, each collection breathes beauty and sophistication into each space they enter. The TSAR work and approach to designer rugs in London remain unparalleled.

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In TSAR London studio, come and explore the place where design has no boundaries. This luxury carpet London studio is in the Parsons Green district of Fulham, a renowned area of fashion and creativity in South West London.
Run your hands across samples or sit and talk with our design team about bringing your vision to life. Within the London carpet studio, guests are stimulated plush textiles and prisms of colors. Walk into the future of carpet design and unleash a limitless experience.

The Steps To A TSAR Carpet

Custom Carpet

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We invite you to dive into your inner-creative genesis and share with our design team any sketches or images that bring inspiration. The consultation is a time for fluid conversation and the first stage of dreams turning into reality.
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Our highly skilled experts will guide you and assist with colour selection, fibres, and manufacturing techniques. We employ several methods so that each TSAR carpet design is true to the original client vision and a long-term quality flooring solution.
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We manufacture and bring TSAR custom carpets to life at our Portugal factory. Every step of production is carefully overseen, and the production team will not release a finished piece below our strict standards of excellence. Please be aware that production can take between 12-16 weeks, depending on size and complexity.
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When the custom carpet is complete, we offer two options for installation. Clients can choose the TSAR team to perform the installation, or we can recommend one of our approved installers. We invite you to bask in the timeless, bespoke designer creation that will be on display for years.


We combine the best in design, quality performance and luxury
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Each TSAR luxury carpet is a merger of luxurious design and durability. We recommend following our care and maintenance manual to keep your carpet investment in the best condition possible.
Our design team is available for consultation and can make any design come alive. Bring as many inspirations as possible to your consultation session for optimised results.
We make each TSAR carpeting intending to last a lifetime. With regular maintenance, your final unique design and personalised creation will live vibrantly in your home or office space. The recommended life is under ten years for other styles of carpet or if your home has pre-existing carpets.
The flooring under the carpet is a sheet of foam, rubber, or felt padding. It is called an “underlay.” Buying a TSAR Carpet will also guarantee an installation with a correct underlay that will act as a buffer and additional cushion.
Research shows that carpets with patterns made from wool, polypropylene, nylon, and polyester are more durable and last longer. These materials have denser fibres and are also primarily water-resistant, making them stronger against daily wear and walking.
The real question is can a new carpet be installed on the old underlay? The only exception, in our opinion, is if the underlay is less than twelve months old, but each TSAR carpet is installed with a fresh underlay to maintain our standards.
The six most well-known types of carpet are textured, plush, frieze, cable, Berber, and cut-and-loop. With our different techniques and artistry, the TSAR Carpet team can create any texture you desire.

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