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Looking for a carpet to use in your next design project? There are several options in the market, but wool carpets remain a leading choice for most projects. Below, we have rounded up some of the wool carpets’ FAQs.
Wool carpets’ soft and luxurious touch makes them an irresistible floor covering choice for many homes and business premises. Whether you want to revamp your home or office appearance or looking to try a more sustainable and durable floor covering, wool is the sensible and enduring option. Before checking our Luxury London Carpet collection, let’s explore the common FAQs about wool carpets.

Does wool carpet flatten?

Wool carpet doesn’t flatten easily. They are more resilient to the forces of wear and tear and will take a lot longer to wear down, sink or flatten. This makes them a perfect pick for high-traffic areas.

Is wool carpet better than nylon?

Wool is a strong, durable, and reliable floor covering, thanks to its natural fibers. Compared to nylon, which is synthetic, wool carpet is way better in terms of appearance and longevity. Wool is also effective at repairing moisture damage.

How long will wool carpet last?

A wool carpet can last anywhere from 20 to 25 years. It all depends on how you care for it. The natural fibers in wool help this material withstand pressure and wear over an extended period.

Is wool carpet hard to maintain?

Wool carpets are relatively easy to clean and maintain. This helps increase the life span and maintain its good form. And despite their slightly higher price tag, they remain the carpet of choice for installations where appearance is critical.

Is wool carpet a good choice for high traffic areas?

Yes. Woolen carpets are highly durable and can resist wear and tear, which is common in high-traffic areas. You can use these carpets in your living room, stairs, office, reception area, etc.

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How much does wool carpeting cost?

Like every carpet material, wool has a range of prices depending on the design style and fiber. Carpet wool made from sheep breeds from New Zealand and Britain tends to be of higher quality, costing more. The design of the wool also determines the price. For instance, oriental wool rugs have a complex hand-knotted design, making them rare, appealing, and of higher quality.

Are wool carpets pet-friendly?

Wool carpets are pet-friendly since they are easy to clean and vacuum. They are also hypoallergenic, making them a great choice for all pets. Wool’s structure also neutralizes and binds the air contaminants, helping maintain the surrounding air healthy. All the wool carpets in our Custom Carpet Melbourne shop are pet-friendly. So you can always shop with confidence.

Does wool have elasticity?

Wool material is elastic and can stretch or shrink depending on the quality and fineness of the fibers. Most wool materials stretch about 20% when dry and about 40% when wet, but it quickly regains their original form after drying.

Why is wool itchy?

Not all wool carpets give an itchy feeling. If the wool fibers are short or have a wider fiber length, they may be bothersome. These fibers will irritate the skin as they rub against it. However, longer and softer wool fibers are quite comfortable.

How do I protect my wool carpet?

You can protect your wool carpets by vacuuming them regularly, cleaning them using the right detergents. Similarly, you want to cushion your carpet with a rug pad to extend its lifespan.

Do wool carpets smell?

Wool carpets are made from animal fibers, and they can develop some odor if exposed to water or wet environments. Drying the wool carpets properly and regularly inspecting for moisture will help prevent any unpleasant smell.

What are the benefits of wool carpets?

Wool carpets are natural, comfortable, fire-resistant, long-lasting, and sustainable! Although they will cost a little more than the 100% synthetic alternatives, the advantages of picking woolen carpets will far outweigh the additional cost.

Do dogs like wool?

Dogs love wool, and they will enjoy relaxing on your woolen rug. Wool is also hypoallergenic, meaning it’s safer for your pets than synthetics.

Are wool carpets easy to clean?

Wool carpets are naturally stain-resistant, meaning most dirt and stains can be removed easily with water and a spot cleaning spray. When cleaning your wool carpet, always use a mild detergent.

Is 100% wool flammable

Wool is non-flammable and gives a greater level of fire protection than other fibers. For the wool to burn, the temperatures must be very high, and oxygen inside the material should be more than that available in the atmosphere.

Is wool water resistant?

Wool is water-resistant and repels moisture droplets. It can also absorb up to one-third of its weight in moisture without becoming drenched. It will only feel wet to the touch when saturated with 30% of its natural weight.

Is wool rough or smooth?

Unlike silk or nylon carpet, wool carpets contain air spaces that are rough to touch. Synthetic carpets have a plain, long and smooth texture, which may not be ideal for every room or indoor environment.

Does wool carpet mold?

Like most organic carpets, wool is susceptible to mold growth if exposed to humid conditions. Keeping the woolen carpet dry and ensuring proper maintenance can help prevent any mold and mildew issues.

How do you get rid of the musty smell in wool?

Use a gentle detergent to wash the woolen rug, then add two tablespoons of white vinegar to the water used for a final rinse. Let the rug fully dry. If the smell persists, wash it again with vinegar until the smell disappears. Do not use harsh/strong detergents or chlorine bleach as they will damage the wool fibers.

Can you vacuum a wool rug?

Yes. You should vacuum your wool rug at least once every week. Always use a vacuum without a beater bar, as this can cause or expedite shedding problems.

What are the downsides of wool carpets?

Compared to synthetic carpets, wool carpets are more expensive. The wool carpet price also varies depending on quality, size, thickness, and durability. Additionally, you won’t use any detergents on your wool carpets as some can damage the wool fibers.

Does wool stretch out?

Most carpets are susceptible to stretching once they become overly wet or due to improper steam cleaning. Wool carpet isn’t an exception, so proper care should always be exercised. Similarly, if your wool carpet has waves or ripples and doesn’t fit on your floors, you can schedule professional carpet stretching services.

Is wool carpet Ideal for Humid Areas?

Yes. Woolen carpets stabilize humidity and heat by absorbing water vapor from the air and later releasing it based on indoor environmental conditions. This makes these carpets ideal for areas that experience cool winters and warm summers. Explore the different wool carpets under our Carpet Melbourne collection and pick one that matches your interior space.

How often should you clean wool carpets?

Deep cleaning of wool carpets should be done at least once every year to help keep the colors neat and vibrant. However, spot cleaning can be done on a need basis or as part of regular maintenance services. Vacuuming should also be done once or twice per week in high-traffic areas.

How do you get black mold out of wool carpet?

Apply white vinegar lightly to the affected areas and scrub it with a stiff brush. Air dry or blow-dry the carpet to ensure there’s no moisture left, as this can replenish the mold.

Why is wool carpet so expensive?

Wool is locally available and cheap, but the production process is often costly. Getting a high-quality wool carpet with a luxurious touch requires specific high-end processing. This escalates the cost, not to mention the cost of cleaning and maintaining the carpet over its lifespan.

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