Balancing aesthetics, budget and performance.

TSAR Carpets delivers a confident approach from 35 years of experience. Each client receives access to custom designs and internationally recognized collections. Find examples of the TSAR Carpets artisanal approach within NYC commercial, event landscapes, hospitality projects, and residential decor. We invite you to schedule a consultation today and experience the best New York carpets and luxury rugs USA

Customisable pieces that illuminate and frame a space.

Customisable pieces that illuminate and frame a space.

Wall-to-wall luxury carpets that transform spaces.

Wall-to-wall luxury carpets that transform spaces.


PORTUGAL production house

The TSAR Carpets team has launched a Portugal production house. Adding this service to the TSAR portfolio ensures all bespoke rugs, and carpet collections, to be manufactured by our in-house design team. With an intense attention to detail and intricate design elements, all designs receive European quality integrated with contemporary Australian style. 

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Ercan Sarac

Showroom and Project Manager


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Shona Dunne-Forsyth

Sales & Business Development


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Michelle Powers

Business Development & Design Associate NSW/ACT


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Aliahn Sharpley

Studio Manager


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Sam Coote

Elements 4 Design Agencies


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Simon Knight

WA Agent / Director, Konduct


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Cátia Ferreira

General Manager


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TSAR Carpets looks forward to welcoming you to our New York studio. Schedule your appointment-based consultation and begin to align and collaborate creatively on your soft flooring vision. Before the consultation, we invite you to browse our extensive digital catalog and review previous client case studies. During the consultation, we utilize various tools to ensure we are exceeding the client's goals. With clear and consistent communication, TSAR Carpets easily accommodate any environmental conditions and look forward to successfully producing residential, commercial, or hospitality flooring design. 

OUR Projects

TSAR Carpet is proud to be in the Rose Bar at the Gramercy Park Hotel and the New York Stock Exchange. Our designs bring carpet and rug art into a third dimension. Our focus is to intermingle luxury, art, connection, and community with each TSAR Carpet finished piece. 


250-252 High Street, Windsor,
VIC,  Australia

30-62 Barcom Ave, Darlinghurst NSW 2010


99 Madison Ave,
Fl 4, New York, USA

126 New Kings Road, Fulham,
London, United Kingdom

Iltisstr. 2; 81827
Munich, Germany

Zona Industrial Monte Cavalo Lote 43
Vouzela, Portugal
Elisabeth Daumet
Paris, France


Madrid, Spain

Theo Decor

Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, Canada

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