Our team has over 35 years of experience designing and producing high-quality, custom-made carpets and rugs for residential, commercial and hospitality projects worldwide. A family-owned business founded by David and Kerrie Sharpley, born from a passion for textiles and enchanted by the hand-tufted technique, it is now a global company recognised for its award winning designs and collections.

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TSAR products are designed by our in house designers and manufactured by our highly skilled artisans in our owned and operated factory in Portugal
Our versatile product range is designed to suit all spaces and our focus on high quality, durable products ensures long lasting appearance for years to come. 
At TSAR, we don’t compromise on quality or materials. Our skilled team will draw upon the best TSAR-approved fabrics to ensure your piece is meticulously designed to the highest calibre. 




Embark on an in-depth conversation about design with our internal specialists in New York. By delving into mood boards, sketches, blueprints, and development processes, we'll refine and define your flooring ambitions. We utilize our vast design repository to spark creativity for your undertaking. This consultation provides a dynamic platform for discussion and initiates the process of realizing the aesthetic aspects of your design.



Our esteemed specialists will escort you through the creative process, aiding in the selection of color schemes and fibers, while suggesting the best production methods for the intended functionality and spatial integration. Adhering to all design guidelines and performance criteria, we act as your personal design squad. Using thread sheets, poms, visuals, and floorplan layouts as critical tools, we ensure that each TSAR area rug design remains true to the client's initial concept. We aim to perfectly merge your initial ideas with the final product, considering environmental impacts and texture heights. This stage concludes with the presentation of a detailed prototype and samples before the final confirmation.



Your design is brought to life with exacting precision by our skilled artisans, produced in our US-based facilities. TSAR's manufacturing team closely monitors each stage, ensuring every piece meets the utmost standards of quality and bespoke personalization.



Once your luxury bespoke carpet is ready, we provide an all-encompassing, seamless service with our exclusive white glove installation. Your tailor-made creation is flawlessly integrated into your space, presented as an upscale piece of floor art. Our commitment continues after installation, with ongoing support and maintenance to guarantee the longevity of your distinct design piece.




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