How To Choose The Best Rug Size For King Beds

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Whether styling a project or your home, an area rug can optimize space and aesthetics. Choosing the right rug under a king-size bed focuses on three key details. Don’t choose the wrong decorative flooring; shop confidently after reading these TSAR tips.

What Size Rug Fits Under A King Bed?

If you have just purchased bedroom furniture, breaking down what will be in the space is essential before buying an area rug.
Traditionally a bedroom will have a frame, mattress, nightstands, and a wardrobe. More oversized or master bedrooms will be 14×16 feet or 224 square footage. Important questions are: What do you want the room’s theme to be? Are you looking to keep things simple, or do you prefer a maximalism style?
A standard king-size bed is 76x 80 inches long, and a California king-size bed is slightly larger at 72x 84 inches long. With these measurements in mind, you will be looking to purchase an area rug starting at 9′ x 12′ and going up to 13′ x 13′.

5’x8’ or 6’x9’

When buying an area rug, you have multiple ways to approach the style of your bedroom. For the below measurements, one rug will be used under the king-size bed. If you prefer a smaller area rug, consider a 5’x8′ or 6’x9′, which will only go under the foot of the bed and works well if you have a bench at the end. This smaller rug can add comfort while sitting on this bench or is also great for families with four-legged friends that need a softer walkway on hardwood floors.


Focusing on larger area rugs, the 8’x10′ is a simple approach to decorating and is best suited to king frames that do not have accompanying nightstands. You will be shopping for this size rug if you want to keep the bedroom simple and clean-cut. At this measurement, we do not recommend the bed be flushed with one wall of the room or placed square in the middle of the rug.


With a slightly larger scale of fabric, we encourage one nightstand on this size of area rug under a king bed. Similar to the 8’x10′ measurement, this 9’x12′ rug dimension also does not have the back legs of the bed frame on the rug while still leaving a continuous one-inch border around the perimeter.


A 12×15 rug fits in a larger space with two nightstands or adds depth to a longer California king-size bed. With this size and scale, you can embrace dynamic and brighter colors that also give the room movement.


This size will be a custom order, and you will need ample space to ensure the rug is not taking away from other pieces. While not a standard for most rooms, with custom rug from us, the TSAR design team can create artisanal hand-tufted creations that complement any space.

Does A King Size Bed Match Solid or Bold Patterns?

pattern rug
After choosing the right size area rug to go under a king bed, the next question is if you go with splashes of color or simple and elegant solid designs. Keep these three things in mind when debating:


Does your family have pets? Do you prefer wearing shoes indoors? Will the room be in a high-traffic area, or is it a guest room you will only use occasionally? These questions are important for rug maintenance and will ultimately guide you towards bright higher maintenance areas, rugs, or simply solid and plush designs.

“Foot Feel”

rug material
While the TSAR team is a collective of highly-skilled artisanal rug designers, we incorporate different fabrics and higher-ply luxury materials. If you want to walk on clouds within your bedroom, the design will be different than if you want to add textures and separate the space for other functions.


If you want a loud and highly texturized design, the regular maintenance will be different than a solid dark or light-colored area rug. Every design can’t give the same life and energy into a space, and we believe the transparency about the amount of maintenance you want to dedicate towards the longevity of your purchase.

The TSAR Final Thought

Designing any space to welcome guests or relax after a long day should feel like a manageable task. The TSAR design team recommends always keeping area rugs extended at least 18 inches to 24-inches from the sides and the foot of either a queen-size or king-size bed. If you want a carpet runner instead, the correct measurements will be 4.5×5.5 for a king-size bed.

Unlock the bedroom design to lull you into rest every evening and find the TSAR touch that speaks to you today.

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