Carpet & Rug Care And Maintenance Tips

After spending hours designing your custom carpet, have you considered what the care or maintenance will be? TSAR Carpets removes any confusion and provides detailed instructions, tips, tricks, and downloadable maintenance and care guides for your personalised rug or carpet investment.



After spending hours designing your custom carpet, have you considered what the care or maintenance will be? TSAR Carpets removes any confusion and provides detailed instructions, tips, tricks, and downloadable maintenance and care guides for your personalised rug or carpet investment.


Learn How To Maintain Your Custom Carpet With These Four Cleaning Solutions.

TSAR custom size rugs and carpets are built for longevity. Our hand-tufting creation method can withstand the daily walk and wear, but what about daily, weekly, or annual refresh? Learn more about the four different cleaning methods TSAR Carpets recommends.

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Vacuum Cleaning
Depending on where your custom rug or carpet resides, a daily vacuum is an excellent way to ensure it maintains its original vibrancy. We recommend using a vacuum with an adjustable height beater and an upright suction cleaner with a pile beater daily or as required.
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Spot Cleaning
For best results, spot cleaning needs to happen as soon as possible. The most common spills include alcoholic beverages, coffee or tea, water-based paints, or soft drinks. These can quickly be spot cleaned using soda water and patting the area dry. Make sure to leave a piece of paper towel with a heavy object like a book on top to absorb any extra moisture. Another easy at-home remedy for urgent spot cleaning is a mixture of one part white vinegar in ten parts of warm water.
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Interim Cleaning
TSAR Carpets recommends interim cleaning for stubborn dirt or soil. You do not need to perform interim cleaning daily, and it will prevent long-term damage to carpet fibres. We suggest interim cleaning happening at least every six months, but it is within the owner’s discretion. You can apply soda water or a specific carpet cleaner before using a counter-rotating brush. After each cleaning, cover the area with a paper towel and a heavy weight to absorb any leftover moisture. Please consult the TSAR Carpet Domestic Carpet Maintenance manual for specific stains or substances.
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Periodic Deep Cleaning

A periodic deep clean of your custom carpet or rug cannot happen without a steam cleaner. For optimal results, we recommend working with a professional carpet cleaning company and are happy to recommend our preferred vendors to clients.

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Furniture Pads For Protection

Follow These TSAR Carpets Tips And Tricks For Stain/Damage Prevention

A custom carpet is an extension of your personality, and we hope you’ll display it proudly in your home. Prevention might feel unnecessary, but these small steps will increase the lifespan and brilliance of your carpet or rug over years. Follow our recommended guide of preventative measures, and limit the amount of direct sunlight that lands on the TSAR carpet with blinds or drapes for future years of enjoyment.
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Beware Trapped Sand or Dirt
Our artisanal hand-tufted custom carpets can still get dirt or sand grains trapped in their fibres. Depending on the materials used for your custom carpet or rug, be aware that hidden grains from the garden or guests’ footwear will be blind to the naked eye.
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Please Remove Your Shoes
Place a mat by your front door to encourage guests to wipe their shoes or remove them before entering the room with your TSAR Carpet creation. You can lay a mat by any entrance to your home and even in high-traffic hallways. Don’t forget that since these mats will absorb the outdoors, you’ll want to clean them every few days so they stay as a preventative measure and do not become unsanitary.
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Paws Up: Pet-Free Zone
If you have a household pet, we would encourage you to limit their interaction with a TSAR carpet. We love our four-legged family members, but their excitement over textures and smells can mean damaging consequences. Everything from wet or muddy paws to scratching on any carpet surface for a family pet will risk its longevity.
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Weekly Vacuuming
While all households are vacuuming, are you vacuuming the correct way for a hand-tufted carpet? A slow vacuum repeating in the same spot three to five times is much more effective than a quick weekly vacuum. We encourage you to work the vacuum left to right in vertical overlapping lines to ensure a high-quality preventative clean.
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Furniture Pads For Protection
If you are putting furniture on your TSAR custom carpet, please ensure the chairs, tables, and sofa legs have padding to not leave a permanent indent over time.
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Carpet Tiles

TSAR Carpet Recommended Custom Carpet or Rug Maintenance Program

We want your TSAR carpet to feel the feet of future generations and have created tailored maintenance recommendations. We encourage households to vacuum their TSAR carpets twice a week. Please see above for our tips on a thorough deep vacuum clean. We encourage you never to let a stain linger! The quicker you apply our two preferred stain removal methods, the less damage the TSAR custom carpet will retain. Interim maintenance is recommended every six months, and we encourage you to do a thorough annual deep clean with steam.
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Follow Proper Care/Maintenance To Make A TSAR Carpet Last A Lifetime
A maintenance and care routine for a TSAR custom rug or carpet is an investment in the longevity and vibrancy of our artisanal work. Follow these guidelines and suggestions, and lounge on your carpet for years to follow. For further questions or concerns, contact the TSAR team or consult the provided domestic carpet maintenance manual.

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