Case Study: Nexus at Focus, London Design Week

TSAR Carpets London Design Week1


Location: London, United Kingdom
Project Type: Exhibition Event
Event Focus, London Design Week
Stall Design: Teresa Ceberek, TSAR Design Manager
Featured Designs: Passage, Forma, Senso collections, and custom designs for the Nexus activation
Photographer: Alex Upton


For the latest public display, TSAR Carpets presented to Focus 2022 – ‘Nexus – a series of global connections’. Nexus is a dialogue of the existential and the aesthetic, a sensory experience showcasing sculpturally-driven rugs and carpets that function as art – a tale of nature and connection told through the medium of design. Channelling TSAR’s commitment to push global boundaries, Nexus is a formulation of new and existing collections bound together by their conceptual design and storytelling, creating an elevated experience in the interior realm.

TSAR Carpets London Design Week12 scaled 1
TSAR Carpets London Design Week8 scaled 1

Nexus comprises pieces from the Passage collection, Forma collection and forthcoming Senso collection, featured alongside a custom hero rug designed specifically as part of the house showcase for London Design Week.

The Passage collection celebrates the changing of seasons and passing of time and was designed in collaboration with Australian architect and designer Brooke Aitken. Passage was inspired by a vivid dream Aitken had regarding the passage of time. She then sketched a series of ephemeral graphic patterns evocative of her vision which she partnered with TSAR Carpets to quite literally bring her dream to life. The ebb and flow of time and the continual changing and passing of the seasons is reflected in the collections’ patterns and graphic lines, which inform a sense of movement and placemaking. Featuring six different patterns — Day, Night, Winter, Spring, Summer, and Autumn — Feature in Nexus is the Night Rug.

The Forma collection features original, never-before-seen textures, colour combinations and inspired patterns, exploring themes of energy and optimism — blurring the lines of applied design and fine art. The investigation of organic motifs; meticulous textures and fibre combinations; new layering techniques; and seamless gradient transitions by TSAR Carpets’ in- house team of talented designers has resulted in a mesmerising collection teeming with playful expression. The word ‘forma’ is a playful nod to the imaginative and uplifting shapes and silhouettes embodied in each of the rugs.

The forthcoming Senso collection sets the tone for a texturally contemporary collection, embarking on another new chapter for TSAR. Senso was designed to inject a sensory translation of mood within a space and interpolate a sense of light and texture through the designs. It is a culmination of all things TSAR, elegant yet daring, contemporary yet timeless. Taking cues from our surrounding nature mirrored against our internal desires, Senso will usher in a new precedent in the long-running legacy of TSAR and will be first showcased at Focus, ahead of the public launch.

TSAR Carpets London Design Week11 scaled 1
TSAR Carpets London Design Week9 scaled 1

TSAR is proud to launch Nexus as part of Focus, bringing forth conceptually-driven pieces to the forefront of the design landscape. Taking inspiration from naturalism, the spirit of movement and the human imagination, TSAR is eternally devoted to pushing the boundaries of rug and carpet design and supporting design at large. TSAR’s rugs and carpets are now manufactured at our new factory by our in-house team in Portugal.

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