Opal in a design

Create a soft, inviting feeling with a full Opal texture, or incorporate felted wool into a design to create contrast and interest.

Available in any pile height you desire. Our cut pile is available in a single pile height or two varying pile heights (J-tuft). Our loop pile can create a variety of textures from a low pile height with a tight and dense texture to a long pile height to create an open, plush look.

What do we have here?
Hand-tufted, various weights available
Fibre: Felted NZ Wool
Construction: Cut Pile or Loop Pile
Colour: Customisable
Size: Customisable

Collaboratively with you, we create pieces that suit for purpose; not just one that fits. By balancing aesthetics, budget and performance, all designs can be adapted for large hospitality, commercial and small residential projects in below construction techniques: AXMINSTER, WOVEN +, TREEKO, KARTINA
Worldwide Delivery

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