How To Choose Entryway Rug Size

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Open your home to friends and family this holiday season and make a lasting first impression with the perfect entryway rug. Decorating a front hall doesn’t have to be stressful, and with these easy steps, clients will confidently find which size entryway rug belongs in their space.

What Are The Best Rugs For A Large Entryway?

Life happens fast, and the perfect entryway rug can prevent damage to hard floor surfaces while offering a warm welcome to family and friends. Instead of constantly sweeping out dirt or debris, find an entryway rug that suits the energy and lifestyle of the household.
Whether shopping for a small or large foyer rug, there are a few tips to keep in mind.

Follow A Color Scheme

We recommend clients decide on a color palette for the front hall and shop for an entryway rug that complements rather than contrasts. The harmony of this decision will greet them daily and speak volumes to visitors.


Browse different textures, maintenance, and slip guard features. It’s also important to consider household pets or young children and if they will struggle with fabrics or be inclined to taste-test new purchases.
A vital tip: Patterns will be more forgiving and hide more wear and tear over a solid or neutral entryway rug.

Do You Have Storage?

Deciding on storage with an entryway rug may seem ironic, but the reality of swapping out decor throughout the year cannot be ignored. Depending on the seasons, holidays, or new home decor purchases, ensure your flooring addition, like foyer runner rugs, will also store easily after purchase.

How To Measure Any Size Entryway

After answering the above factors, it’s time to find out how much space is available. The TSAR design team believes a carpet or rug should never overpower any space. An insider tip: It’s crucial to measure how the front door opens and if any other doorways are in the area of the future purchase.
Begin by measuring the entire foyer, including length and width. After these measurements, subtract the preferred amount of floor desired to remain visible after adding a rug from the wall. On average, households prefer to see anywhere from 6” and 18” of visible flooring under their entryway rug.
A front door entrance rug is not limited to size or shape. The TSAR design team recommends clients use a rectangular or square entryway rug if the space is long and narrow. For wider areas or households with arched front doors or double-stair entryways, TSAR encourages clients to choose a round entryway rug design. If you want a unique entryway rug for your area, don’t worry, TSAR custom rug got you covered!

How To Choose An Entryway Rug Material

After understanding the calculations, the fun begins! Shop the TSAR Collections and discover artisanal hand-tufted designs or work with our team to develop an idea we haven’t brought to life yet.
When shopping for the right foyer rug, four preferred fabrics are found in households across the globe.

Sisal And Jute Rugs

Sisal and jute rugs are natural, plant-based materials that absorb moisture and are very durable. For clients considering this option, we recommend daily vacuuming to keep the material fresh and hanging to dry if larger water spills collide with the rug.


Wool is a luxurious and high-end material for entryway rugs. The material is durable, easy to clean, and stain and water-resistant. It is an easy choice for designers to work with a preferred material with the TSAR artisanal team.

Synthetic Fabrics

TSAR Carpets continues to minimize the use of synthetic fabrics but currently includes designs featuring Kristal and Nylon6. These fabrics are stain-resistant and a more affordable option with a similar finish to luxury fabrics.

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Entryway Rug Size Guide Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Should I buy a carpet runner or focus on an entryway rug?

The answer to this question depends on the size and space in question. The TSAR team recommends answering whether the room would benefit from narrow and long additions. Runners typically have measurements 2’ to 3’ wide and 6’ to 14’ in length. While they are not always a good fit for entryways, they can work with laundry rooms, garages, or mudrooms.

Q: Can my entryway rug complement light fixtures?

Yes! The right entryway rug will only add depth and character to the room, including complimenting pre-existing light fixtures. If possible, the TSAR design team encourages households to center the rug under the light fixture. A unique decorating option is also to match the shape of the entryway rug to the shape of your light fixtures.

Q: What is a rug pad?

The term “rug pad” or “rug grip” is commonly seen while searching for answers on the best rugs for front doorways. This is extra material added to rugs to prevent movement on flooring. During the TSAR production process, we already ensure our rugs are non-slip, meaning they will not need additional underlay if placed on hard flooring surfaces. If the rug is placed on a carpeted surface, the TSAR team recommends adding a rug grip product to prevent movement.

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