What Size Rug Do You Need For A Queen Bed?

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A bedroom is a space for rest and relaxation. With the right area rug beneath a queen bed, the room automatically increases in perception of warmth and comfort.

When picking out the best rug size for a queen bed, rug placement is a key consideration. The bedframe, room size and shape plus any preexisting furniture are things to understand for your vision to come to life.

What To Consider Before Purchasing An Area Rug For Queen-Sized Bedframes?

There are several factors to consider before purchasing an area rug for a queen bed.

Type of Bedframe

Not all bed frames are created equally. Everything from texture, style, color, and visibility are critical factors in choosing an area rug for a queen bedroom set. For frames that sit lower on the ground, a bright pop of color can work against the room and swallow up the furniture. A subtle or pastel area rug may disappear and feel unnecessary for large poster bed frames, lending a sense of chaos or insignificance.

Bedroom Furniture

Are you building the design in this bedroom around the bedframe? Is the furniture modern, and do you want the rug to help with traditional values, or is it meant to encourage a free spirit?

Room Size

The room size will ultimately guide the purchase of the area rug. For queen beds, area rugs under 4×6 will neither add to space nor be visible. Area rugs are traditionally placed under the bed, and certain rooms may even feel smaller after adding an area rug.

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The Range Of Rug Sizes For Queen Beds

rug size queen bed

Choosing the right rug size for queen beds is a simple equation.
Bedrooms, on average, are 9.6 x 10 square feet. A queen bed is, on average, 60 inches x 80 inches long. The right area rug for your space should extend 12-18 inches from the frame and leave room for walkability without being touched. Find out how each different rug size for queen beds breaks down below!

4×6 feet rug under bed

A 4×6 rug under a queen size bed is not recommended as it will disappear with your furniture unless paired with a second matching rug. However, using two 4×6 rugs is slightly larger than a 9×12 rug and will take up more space or be challenging to ensure symmetry.

5×7 feet rug under bed

A 5×7 area rug is the smallest we recommend and is great for smaller bedrooms or guest rooms. Due to the length, we caution using dual nightstands or organizing furniture flushed to a wall rather than in the middle of the space.

5×8 feet rug under bed

If choosing to use this size of an area rug, place it away from the back wall and instead lay the rug starting from the nightstands. This simple trick will give the correct length for the rug in the bedroom.

6×9 feet rug under bed

For standard bedrooms, the TSAR design team recommends 6×9 as the best rug size for queen beds. The 6×9 measurement is also ideal for wider bed frames and will provide soft carpeting on three sides of the bed frame.

7×10 feet rug under bed

For larger master bedrooms, a 7×10 area rug will fit beautifully under any bedframe. This size of fabric has the potential to add depth and creativity to a space while not prohibiting other furniture pieces from standing out or blending into the design vision.

8×10 feet rug under bed

The last two area rug sizes will highlight bigger-than-average rooms. Standard bedroom sizes are 11×12, but for these last two area rug sizes to work, the bedroom should be a minimum of 12×12 or even 14×15.

9×12 feet rug under bed

You have two options for laying the rug for either 8×10 or 9×12 area rugs under queen frames. Option one would be to lay the rug under both nightstands and the bed or option two would position the rug about a quarter of the way down from the head of the bed. Option two placement works best with more extended bed frames, including California or Olympia queen frames, or with furniture at the foot of your bed.

rug size queen bed

Traditional or Contemporary: The TSAR Approach

While these measurements are best with square and rectangle area rugs, don’t be discouraged from putting circular area rugs in bedrooms. With smaller bedrooms, a circular rug can help to isolate space and give purpose or meaning.

For bedrooms that are 10×12, a round rug fits nicely next to the bed frames. For larger bed frames, you can put the area rug at the end of the frame as a creative fringe and injection of personality.

Regardless of size, focus on enhancing the space and utilize an area rug to convey warmth, coziness, or flair. With 23 different collections and an award-winning design team, the TSAR custom rug touch will stand out in any space, home, or retail office.

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