Case Study: Strato Bar

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Designer: Sora Interiors

Areas: 3 spaces in the venue

Designs: Shoreline / Malachite / Ember

Quantity: 376m2 of Axminster

Photographer: Tom Blachford


Melbourne’s new Strato Bar offers 360-degree views across Melbourne through striking seven-metre, floor-to-ceiling windows, a boasting a custom-made, 16-metre stone bar with illuminated glass-brick frame; a star-like chandelier dripping from the roof; and a New York inspired alfresco terrace, Strato Bar offers a new level of luxury, 40 floors above ground.

Designed by Sora Interiors, TSAR was engaged to provide the luxury flooring solutions to complement the aesthetic of the venue. This project involved the installation of 376 square meters of Axminster carpet in three different areas, each with its own unique design that was within a harmonious colour palette.

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All three designs are using the same 5 colours in a palette of gray, however amongst other design elements in each space, the colours of the flooring in each area showcase a different aesthetic and feel in the room.

One area features our Shoreline carpet and its coastal-inspired design with a palette of dark greys. One area features our Malachite and had a bold, dark-dominant design with geometric patterns. The carpet had a smooth finish that highlighted the sharp lines and angles of the geometric pattern. The deep, rich green color evoked a sense of luxury and elegance, while the geometric design added a modern and contemporary feel to the space. The third space features our Ember design area had a warmer color scheme with a subtle, abstract pattern. The carpet had a plush finish that added a softness and a sense of warmth to the space. The tones used in the design harmoniously blend to create a cozy and inviting dining environment, perfect for intimate and memorable outings. 


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The carpets were produced in Axminster quality, which is known for its durability, texture, and high-quality finish. This allowed for a cohesive look throughout the space while still creating individual zones. The design team at TSAR worked closely with the Sora Interiors team to ensure that the carpets met the project’s budget requirements while still delivering on aesthetics and functionality.

The TSAR design team played a key role in creating a luxurious and cohesive atmosphere within the Strato Bar. The unique custom designs for each area helped to define and enhance the individual character of the space, while the high-quality Axminster material ensured that the carpets would stand the test of time.




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