How to choose colour of your carpet for a living room?

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We know that the colour of your carpet is one of the most important factors in determining the ambience of a room. Different colours carry with them different subliminal tones, and a small hue change can make the difference between a room giving off a feeling of calm or intensity, intellectualism or lazy relaxation, claustrophobia or wide open spaces.

In short, choosing the right carpet colour is hugely important, but this is often easier said than done. In this guide, we’ve rounded up some great tips for choosing a carpet colour to help you with your decision.

What’s the best carpet colour for a living room?

Along with the desired mood you want to convey, there are other factors that can be considered when choosing a carpet colour. 

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Choosing Carpet Colors Based on Room Conditions

Make sure to consider:

  • Room size – Light-coloured carpet makes a room feel larger, while dark carpet colours create a smaller feeling. Choose a light colour like beige or cream to carpet a smaller space. Conversely a darker colour such as slate or charcoal, can be a good choice for a large room if you want to create a feeling of cosiness and intimacy.
  • Lighting – Make sure to consider the lighting. Both natural or man-made light can change the perception of the carpet colour. Midday natural light or light from a white bulb tends to make carpet colours look more vibrant, while evening natural light or light from a yellow bulb will affect the tones of carpet colours in their own way. This consideration is especially important to consider with bold colours like red or yellow.
  • Who will be using it – Does the carpet receive a lot of foot traffic, will children or pets be using it regularly or will there be food eaten there? If yes, a carpet colour like brown or dark green which can stand up to dirt or soiling may be the best choice.

Carpet colours with existing wall colours and furniture

Look at the colours of the room’s existing elements and make sure your carpet colour either matches them or contrasts with them in an aesthetically pleasing way.

To find two colours that would go well together, look at a colour wheel and pick two colours that are either:

  • Exactly opposite of each other on the colour wheel. This stark contrast will create an exciting effect ideal for entertainment spaces.
  • Next to each other on the colour wheel. Choosing very similar colours will imbue the room with a sleepier and more relaxed vibe.

It’s also good to remember that interior designers often use something called the 60-30-10 rule. The rule dictates that 60% of a room’s decor should be made up of a dominant colour, while 30% should be made up of a secondary colour. The final 10% is reserved for pops of colour from additional items such as paintings and cushions. This 60/30 ratio may necessitate purchasing a carpet with a pattern that includes both your dominant and secondary room colours.

Carpet Colours Trend in 2024

In most households, the living room has more foot traffic than any other room in the house. It is also a hub for entertaining guests and relaxing with family. That’s why choosing the best colour carpet for the living room is so important. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular colour choices for carpets in 2024.

Beige carpet for living room

Beige is the most popular colour for living room carpets, and it’s easy to see why: it goes with just about anything. It also has a warm and inviting feel. It’s a safe choice and doesn’t have the “wow” factor of some bolder carpet colours, but it allows for a lot of flexibility and is easy to keep clean.


Grey carpet for living room

Like beige, light grey carpet in the living room goes with almost any decoration scheme and is very popular. While beige is warm and homey, however, grey has a more clean, minimalist feel which is good in spaces with a modern design scheme that are going with a serene or “zen” feel.


Red carpet for living room

Scientifically speaking, red is the most eye-catching and “exciting” hue. So it’s only natural that a red carpet will dominate any room’s design scheme. The colour invokes feelings of passion and excitement, so only carpet a room in red if you want it to be a hub for lively conversation.


Brown carpet for living room

Brown usually isn’t the most visually pleasing colour, but it’s the single best carpet colour for hiding stains. It is a great choice for foyers, living rooms that act as the entrance to the home, or other areas that will often get dirty.  Besides, the perfect decor can turn a brown carpet into a naturalistic-feeling design piece.


Blue carpet for living room

The colour blue gives people a feeling of calm and relaxation. Blue carpet in the living room will accomplish the same thing, so it’s perfect for households that want their living room to be a place for kicking back your feet and maybe even taking a little nap. Lighter blue is a great choice for combining that serene feel with the versatility of a grey or beige carpet, but be aware that light blue carpet gets dirty very easily and requires frequent cleaning.

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Purple carpet for living room

Purple carpet conveys a feeling of luxury and power, which is why it is ideal for living rooms containing showpieces. It is a surprisingly versatile carpet colour, and it goes great with the yellow, orange, green palettes or more obviously neutrals such as beige or white.

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Black and White carpet for living room

When it comes to multicoloured carpets, the combination of black and white is king. The polar opposite colours create more contrast than any other two hues.  They really draw the eye and create a complexity you can’t find with other shades. The combination also looks chic and modern without coming off as sterile. Also it’s not difficult to keep clean and it goes with most design schemes since black and white are inconspicuous colours.


FAQs About Carpet Colours

Are there carpet colours that are easier to maintain and clean?

Yes, earth tones like forest green, tan, and dark beige are the easiest to clean. Navy blue and black are also great at concealing stains but not dust and fluff.

What are the most durable carpet colours for high-traffic living rooms?

Dark colours like purple, navy blue, and dark beige are the best for high-traffic living rooms. Carpets with busy patterns also conceal dirt extremely well.

We hope this guide has demonstrated how important it is to choose the best colour for your carpet! Of course, the colour of the carpet is not the only important consideration to make; check out our post on picking a carpet to read about other factors.

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