Case Study: Koorie Heritage Trust

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Designer: Architecture Associates

Areas: Axminster Rugs

Designs: Custom

Quantity: 4 x Rugs / 83m2


Koorie Heritage Trust is a not for profit First Peoples arts and cultural organisation providing opportunities for all to learn, connect and re-connect with the rich living cultural heritage of Aboriginal Victoria. ⁠

Located by the banks of the Birrarung Marr in Narrm (Melbourne), we had the privilege to work on these stunning custom axminster rugs.

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Our design team, working from drafts provided by Architecture Associates, crafted four custom rugs totaling 83m². These rugs featured organic shapes and vivid color gradients in bright reds and blues, reflecting the rich cultural tapestry of Aboriginal Victoria.

Skillfully designed for functionality, some rugs were inset into the floor while others were laid loose, ensuring durability and elegance in this high-traffic public space. This project was a celebration of heritage, designed to meet the practical demands of a bustling environment.

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