Case Study: Elwood Residence



Location: Elwood, Melbourne

Project Type: Residential 

Space covered: 200m2 with fitted carpet and rugs

Product: Custom carpet and rug

Photographer: Dylan James


Case Study:  Elwood Residence
Case Study:  Elwood Residence

The TSAR designs for Elwood Residence embody a playful luxury whilst paying homage to the years of character displayed in the surrounding walls. To bring vision to life, TSAR Design team referenced the existing character of the house and collaborated with the client’s personal style to create a modern twist on a heritage environment. With its bright colouring and bold built-up textures, the collaborative carpets were striking statement pieces in a space that echoes with the evolution of architectural language through refined detail. 

The residence showcases custom rugs in the formal living room and the study and custom-fitted carpets throughout all bedrooms and upstairs living areas. Each bedroom was custom designed by the TSAR design team to cater to the unique character of each room. One of the luxury pieces forms the way from the stair runner up to the upstairs bedroom and another design features in the upstairs playroom and additional bedrooms.The primary fibre used across the TSAR carpets and rugs for the residence consisted of New Zealand wool and undyed wool, to add a natural warmth to the family house.


The striking stair runner was influenced by the classical shades and imaging of the stained glass window that centres the staircase. The subtle geometric patterning on the outskirts of the runner paired with a spacious cream centre, assisted in defining the size and flow of the staircase.

The expansive living area is warm and inviting, emphasised through the use of colour and pattern in the TSAR custom rug. Naturalistic hues of green, cream and light clay-like terracotta are showcased through layered hexagonal shaping and bring a personality full of eccentricity to the lounging space. Whilst the more formal living area is defined through the use of a swirling white and rich blue rug to compliment the regal tone of the room.

Case Study:  Elwood Residence
Case Study:  Elwood Residence

With its quirky and upbeat nature, the multi-functional child’s play room and poker room were inspired by the inclusion of a nod to a retro style. The TSAR carpet aligns with this aesthetic through the arrangement of bold and bright repeated shaping, accentuated through a three-tier of tonal blues. 

“The project was a success because the client had a strong knowledge of what they wanted, but were happy to collaborate with us on the design process. It is great when a client is daring to try new things and push the envelope on design” – Teresa Ceberek, TSAR Design Manager


Case Study:  Elwood Residence
Case Study:  Elwood Residence

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